About Us

A medical services group that provides chronic pain treatments through our comprehensive pain care ecosystem.

Our Dream for Singapore Paincare Holdings Limited

Our Brand Story

Singapore Paincare Holdings Limited (“Singapore Paincare”) is a medical services group focused on the treatment and management of acute and chronic pain, with a vision to be the leading one-stop integrated pain management centre in Asia. It was incorporated in 2018 and has been listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) since 30 July 2020. The group includes general practitioner clinics, specialist clinics, physiotherapy centres, a TCM clinic, and health screening facilities. Our holistic pain care ecosystem caters to patients at every point in their pain management journey.

Our Key Services

Specialist & Surgical Care

Our specialist and surgical arm complete our Group’s ecosystem for pain treatment.

Due to the complex and idiosyncratic nature of pain, a multimodal treatment approach is necessary. Our Group has expanded our services to cover pain treatment for other branches of medicine such as dermatology, oncology and orthopaedics as well as the treatment of pain associated with the degenerative process of ageing.

While minimally invasive procedures remain our preferred approach, we recognise that there are certain pain conditions that require more invasive treatment methods, and we offer surgical options to treat such conditions.

Rehabilitative Care & Wellness

Our suite of pain care treatments is complemented and supported by our rehabilitative care and wellness services, which help our patients to maintain their physical health and well-being post-treatment.

We offer rehabilitation services that help them to recover faster and to sustain that wellness for the long-term. We also offer proprietary Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) services that combine the best of Eastern and Western medicine principles.

Associate Specialist Panel

We are committed to your continued well-being beyond providing pain treatments; we have established a panel of clinics of various specialties whom we work closely together with to ensure seamless care for your health. We provide direct referrals to these doctors to help you secure quick consultations and appointments.

Pain Medicine

Singapore Paincare treats a full spectrum of pain conditions including chronic and acute pain. We offer pain care services both at the primary care level and at the specialist level.

Our treatment focus is on minimally invasive procedures and specialised injections as an alternative to open surgery.

Health Screening

When it comes to successfully treating serious diseases and conditions, early detection is often the key. Health screenings uncover underlying issues that may not have obvious signs and symptoms. Early treatment reduces the likelihood of complications and costly medical expenses in the long term.

Our Mission

To bring paincare to the masses through Singapore Paincare Holdings, making it readily available and closer to the heartlands.

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of the Interventional pain procedures in Asia at both specialist and primary care levels.

Core Values

Our 5 “Es” to treat your conditions with care!


Patients’ engaging experience – we ensure all questions are answered and expectations met.


Experience our exceptional service from our personalised medical concierge and our paying close attention to our patients’ needs. At SPCH, we assure persistent pain will be controlled and managed with exceptional results.


Welcome to the environment of our caring and angelic nurses here! Their smile springs from a genuine desire to take care of our patients’ conditions, besides being an assurance of results shown for post treatments.


We empower our staff to deliver appropriate and timely service to our patients. Each staff member is empowered with the necessary knowledge and responsibility to achieve this goal.


We emphasize on staff enrichment and patient education, and we provide constant training to our staff in practical knowledge and interpersonal skills. Knowledge relevant to specific conditions is then shared with patients.